Contributing to the energy transition

A partnership, according to Unit U, meets a number of characteristics. The approach is sustainable. For the long term. The result is achieved through a pragmatic and above all human approach. We are result-oriented, but above all we believe in our people. Their development brings the results our clients are looking for.


Working successfully in the process industry

In addition to challenging work and good conditions, we offer our specialists opportunities for development. With a partner within the Unit so that specialists learn from and with each other, and with traineeships and training.

Furthermore, we can help you with issues related to laws and regulations, tax, labor law or other issues.


With capacity issues in the process industry world

Unit U provides its clients with technical knowledge and capacity to support projects (both green field and brown field). We do that with the deployment of an individual project consultant, or with the deployment of an entire project team.

Sometimes you are already helped with advice, often with a temporary specialist. Sometimes drawing the long-term picture together is inspiring. Perhaps the Unit should take the hiring process out of your hands, with or without so-called "working at web pages" or Recruitment Process Outsourcing solutions. We can organize this together. Within the alliance, all solutions are thinkable and workable.

You can also call on the Unit for support on issues related to laws and regulations, tax, labor law or contractual issues. Doing business with the Unit is also choosing compliance.